Physiotherapy includes the physiotherapeutic methods of kinesitherapy and physical therapy. On the one hand, it uses as a natural healing process the patient's passive movement (by the therapist) and on the other hand the active, self-executed one as well as the use of physical measures for healing and prevention of diseases.

Always striving to convert your role as a victim into a role as an actor.

— Dr. Ebo Rau

To this effect, physiotherapy aims to decrease or prevent widespread disease by preventative and early applied, helping towards to a cost cutting of health care.

Physiotherapy has been on the move for some years past. Here you can find more and more a paradigm shift concerning the basic approach of a therapy. Now it is no longer only a disease to examine but rather to see integrally an individual.


The three most important fields of use:
Prevention: Obviating the incurrence of diseases
Therapy: Early and long-term treatment of acute and chronic diseases
Rehabilitation: Measures of restoration skills which enable to take part in the daily life inspite of physical impairment


Physical Therapy