Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle therapy to carry excess fluids from mesh back into the lymph and vascular system. Simultaneously, the lymph system is initiated by pumping, rotational and scooping movements to transport lasting more lymph-obligatory-load. On the one hand it is a training for the lymphatics to carry more fluids and on the other hand the lymph system gets initiated to develop more lymph vessels which is important for a long range decongestion therapy.

Decongesting active body areas, manual lymphatic drainage has been used after treatment of cancer with a lymph node dissection for a long time. Using this kind of therapy, edemata will be reabsorbed, pain will be reduced and the immune system will be initiated.
You can find this therapy more and more in the surgery and the orthopedy, e.g. to medicate injuries or surgical operations.