Herbal Stamp Massage

The herbal stamp massage is primarily from India and Eastern Asia. The whole body will be treated with special oils and will be massaged with stamps. Herbs and spices will be arranged individually and custom-made. The cotton pauches to treate face and body will be filled, will be heated up to 55°C in a basic oil and will be tied in front of our client. Firstly, the therapist will place thermal stimuli followed by fast stroking movements. The whole body will be massaged with this warm stamp along the energy gates gently circling.

The development of herbal active ingredients encourages self-regulating forces. As a consequence, the body starts to purge, the blood flow is stimulated and the skin cures itself. At the same time, moisture depots of the skin will be filled up.

After a 30-minute facial massage or a 60-minute total body massage, we'd love to offer you a corresponding tea for the dormant phase thereafter.